Udacity Discount and Coupon Code

Get your Udacity discount (up to 75% OFF) for ALL Udacity Nanodegree courses!

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To get your discount code, go to and answer two simple questions, and then your personal discount code will be generated. More details shown below 👇 

How to get your Udacity discount code

Step 1: go to the Udacity landing page , and the following modal will pop up. Click LEARN MORE.

(If the modal does not show up, try opening in your browser's private mode (e.g. incognito mode in Chrome). 

Udacity discount popup

Step 2: once you click LEARN MORE, you'll be brought to a question page, where you provide your employment status and your income range. Click SUBMIT APPLICATION to submit your answers.

Apply Udacity discount

Step 3: once your info is submitted, your Udacity personal discount code will be generated. You can use this discount code for ANY Udacity Nanodegree course. See the section below 👇 for our recommended Udacity course.

Udacity coupon code

Most popular Udacity Nanodegree courses 

The following is some of the most popular Udacity Nanodegree courses.  

  1. Java:  
  2. Python(Data Science): 
  3. Python(Web):  
  4. Python(AI): 
  5. Intro to Coding: 
  6. JavaScript(Front-end): 
  7. JavaScript(Full-stack):   
  8. C++:
  9. Android:
  10. Intro to Machine Learning 

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